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Pesto Bistro and Wine Bar is a quaint Italian, French, and Mediterranean influenced restaurant that my wife, Lianne, and I opened this past September. It is located 3 miles East of Anna Maria Island on Cortez Road.

When we opened Pesto Bistro and Wine Bar we wanted it to organically grow with its surrounding community. There was an idea and concept in mind for its menu and aesthetics, but we wanted both to develop and grow with the input of our patrons. We also took some time to find locally sourced products and businesses that we could tie in with, to enhance and diversify our menu. Being situated this close to Anna Maria Island and the Cortez Village has been a tremendous help in sourcing quality products! Also (organically speaking) we grow most of our herbs at the restaurant. Sadly, our basil is struggling but the mint is rocking!

Looking for several different experiences to offer at the location, we developed a Hospitality Night (Tuesday's) to give back to those who are in the hospitality industry (and have clearly been going through the most difficult time in the hospitality industries history), Wine Down Wednesday's, and Live Entertainment on Thursday's. Entertainers in the hospitality field are another group that have struggled through this pandemic, so we are thrilled to be adding additional entertainment Sunday evenings on our Patio.

Since the opening of our restaurant the support we have seen from the area has been inspiring and heart felt. The great comments, thumbs up from patrons through the glass looking into the kitchen, and huge "word of mouth" support, has made the difficult process of opening in the middle of a pandemic all worthwhile! Our customers are awesome and we are looking forward to a time where all of us restaurateurs resume some sense of normalcy!

During my high school years I lived in Coral Shores East and my first full time restaurant job (at 14) was at a little place called Hannan's Seafood Restaurant at Mount Vernon Shopping Center. That is a quarter of a mile from Pesto. It feels really great this many years later to return to where I started in restaurants and once again be part of that community.

Joe Rimer, Chef/ Owner

Alumni- Culinary Institute of America 

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Wednesday, 19 June 2024